Rain Station


 Introducing our Rain Station

Do you know how much rain your fields received last night?
A new product from Servi-Tech will tell you with 100 percent accuracy.
Our Rain Station is a wireless tipping rain gauge. It measures and reports rainfall and relays that data to you in the palm of your hand.
Some key benefits include:

  • Accurate rain measurement in every field, every 30 minutes
  • Reports total rainfall over a 24- hour period
  • No rain gauges to manually read and empty

The Rain Station and ProfilerPlus soil moisture probes can be leased together or separately — there’s no equipment to own. You can take advantage of equipment and software upgrades as the technology advances.
“If you have a lot of fields spread over a large area, you will know which fields received how much rain,” said Craig Cunningham, Servi-Tech’s Chief Technology Officer. “You will know if you need to irrigate or to stop the pivot entirely. This technology will save you water, save you time, and save you money.”
He added: “When investing in our Rain Station, a grower can quickly and easily check on their fields using a computer or smartphone.”

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